SAMPALOK FLOWERS: The Ultimate Spice For Sinigang Soup


Profuse tamarind flowers.

In his terminal report on his project that involved introduction of fruit crops and spices funded by PCAARRD and Mama Sita Foundation, the late Dr. Benito S. Vergara had a great idea on tamarind which he hoped an undergraduate or graduate student will take up the challenge.

What’s the great idea? Well, Dr. Vergara would like to see someone grow the sour tamarind as a hedge for ease of harvesting and collecting only the flowers. We need to know the correct growth regulators and the growth stages of the tamarind to spray/pour the growth regulator to induce flowering. Maybe, we can induce the tamarind tree to bear flowers several times a year.

We can collect the flowers and dehydrate them for instant spices. The sinigang with “sampalok flowers” is the ultimate spice for making the sinigang soup, Dr. Vergara stated.

Here’s another possibility. Maybe, if no students are interested, some serious hobbyists can undertake the research. 

Another possibility. Maybe, an enterprising guy can collect the flowers from tall trees and have them processed into instant spice for sinigang. That  could be a money-making venture where there are many tamarind trees.

Sampalok fruit and flowers.(Photo from the Internet,
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