Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees or simply SARIAN FARM, is in Teresa, Rizal, Philippines. It is along the road, Km 36.6, about 30 meters before Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the next town to Antipolo City. It specializes in propagating superior varieties of fruit trees and some selected other crops.

How to go:

SARIAN FARM is very easy to locate. It is along the national road in Teresa, Rizal, about 30 meters on the right side before the Teresa-Morong boundary.

If you are coming from Manila with your own ride, take Ortigas Avenue Extension and drive all through Antipolo City and down to Teresa. You will pass through a zigzag road before reaching the town of Teresa. If you take a jeep or bus, make sure that the vehicle you take passes through Antipolo City proper and not through the town of Angono.

List of Available Exotic Fruit Trees

All the varieties featured below are grown at SARIAN FARM. We do not have a pricelist available as supply may vary from time to time. We have seedlings available for most varieties and medium sizes and full grown in container pots for some varieties. To set for a farm visit or group tour, inquire about sales & pricing - simply contact ROSE:globe: 09150021368 and smart: 09475900398 or submit a filled contact form here.

Makopa Varieties

Different varieties of Makopa to choose from - most are juicy, crunchy and sweet. Some can also produce big fruits by keeping one fruit in a cluster like the ones found in Thailand fruit markets. This has been one of the practices we have learned by visiting farms in other countries.

Mini Makopa
Its brilliant red fruits that are small come in clusters. The fruits are seedless and are highly suitable for using in salads. It can also be eaten fresh right after picking.
Golden Makopa

This is the Golden Makopa grown in a container at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Its bell-shaped fruits that are light pink come in clusters. They are crunchy and nice to eat.

Green Makopa

Green Makopa from Thailand. This is a prolific variety that bears fruits in clusters. However, if you want to produce big fleshy & juicier fruits, remove the excess fruits, leaving only one in each fruit stem. The fruit is crunchy, juicy and also sweet.

Apple Makopa
apple makopaApple Makopa is a variety from Malaysia, it has big fruits that are fleshy, and sometimes without seed. The fruits come in clusters but if you want bigger fruits, just retain one fruit per stem.
Star Ruby Makopa
star ruby makopa Star Ruby Makopa is the most commercialized variety of Makopa in Thailand and Vietnam. It has crunchy fruits that are brilliant red.

Best Sellers

These are some of the exotic fruit trees that Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees Farm have introduced in the local market.

Latexless Jackfruit
latexless jackfruitLatexless Jackfruit from Malaysia was first introduced at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. It produces plump flesh that are bright yellow orange in color. When ripe, the fruits are latex-free hence it is very convenient to separate the edible from the inedible parts.
Longkong Lanzones

Longkong Lanzones is an all time favorite fruit bearing tree that is always available at the farm. Visitors occasionally enjoy munching from our baskets of Longkong fruit harvests at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. The fruits are sweet, latexless and often seedless. Big inventory of grafted planting materials are available in big numbers at the Sarian Farm.

Malaysian Hybrid Durian

Malaysian Hybrid Durian, ZBS posing with clustering fruits. The fruits are just about 1.5 to 2 kilos each, which is good because small fruits are easier to market, especially if they have superior eating quality just like this one. The flesh is chrome yellow with a mealy consistency. It is fine-textured.

The Sarian Farm has other Durian varieties like Monthong and UP Gold.

BR25 Cacao

BR25 Cacao is an ever-bearing variety. Starts fruiting in 18 months. Cacao is one of the priority crops in the Philippines because the supply is short. Cacao can be inter-cropped in coconut plantations. Sarian Farm has plenty of seedlings. (Note: This was previously referred to as Red Criollo. DNA test has confirmed that it is BR 24, one of the best varieties for commercial planting. It is said that 26 pods will usually yield one kilo of dried cocoa beans.)

Exotic Fruits

These are some of the exotic fruit trees that Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees Farm have introduced in the local market.

Bhagwa Pomegranate

These are seedlings of Bhagwa variety of pomegranate from India which are growing very well at the farm. These can be grown direct in the ground or in large containers, The ones in medium rubberized containers in Teresa are particularly fast growing because they are provided with a growing medium that is a mixture of Durabloom fertilizer, garden soil and rice hull. There’s keen interest in growing pomegranate because of its reported medicinal attributes. It contains a lot of antioxidants and is also said to be essential in maintaining good health of the prostate gland.

Berba is a native of Brazil botanically known as Rodius edulis. Its small fruits have white flesh that is sweetish-sour, somewhat like the taste of the mangosteen. It is said that some plants are found in the wild in Bicol. The possibility is that the friars have brought the original Berba in Bicol. The birds must have dispersed the seeds in the mountains. This is a small tree growing at the Sarian Farm, producing a lot of fruits. Seedlings, however, are very slow growing.
abiuAbiu is from Brazil and this exotic fruit tastes somewhat like the ordinary Caimito. However, it has less latex. Also, seedling trees will bear fruit in just four months from planting. And the tree usually bears fruit two times a year. Two varieties are grown at the Sarian Farm. One has round fruits. The other has a pointed tip. Seedlings are available in big numbers at the Sarian Farm.
Pink Guava

Pink Guava from Vietnam grows well at the Sarian Farm. Fruits come in clusters but if you want them to be big, just retain one fruit per cluster. Seedlings will bear fruit in less than two years. The pink flesh is very sweet.

Super Avocado
super avocadoSuper Avocado is a superior variety that weighs 800 grams to more than one kilo per fruit. The flesh is fine-textured and sweetish. It has a mealy consistency. Sarian Farm has produced grafted planting materials in big numbers
Seedless Duhat
seedless duhatSeedless Duhat is a cluster of ripening seedless duhat fruits. When the fruits turn black, they are ready for harvest. They are nice to eat because they are sweet and juicy. Grafted planting materials will bear fruit in a couple of years. This fruiting plant is grown in a plastic container. Of course a tree planted in the ground will grow bigger and will bear more fruits.
Seedless Atis
seedless atisSeedless Atis is very nice to eat, fleshy and without seeds. Planting materials are grafted. With proper care, will bear fruit in two to three years.

This Guyabano variety shows a few seeds from its big fruit.

marangThis is a Marang cultivar from Negros Occidental. The fruit is oblong and the arils are small compared to the usual variety found in Mindanao. The seeds are also small so they are relatively fleshy. Another characteristic is that there is no strong Marang smell. Just the same it tastes very good.
Seedless Guava

Seedless Guava is very nice to eat and can be grown in the ground and in containers. Limited supply, interested parties check for availability.

Sweet Kamias

Sweet Kamias is really sweet and very good for use in green salad. Ready-to-plant seedlings of Sweet Kamias should start fruiting in two years with proper care.


Different varieties of Mangoes that we produce in the farm are superior and has different qualities to chose from. We have Golden Queen, R2-E2 (Peach mango), Sweet Elena carabao mango, not in photos are Golden Phoenix, Eating Green, Chokanan and Lubdok from Thailand and Guimaras Mangoes.

Golden Queen Mango
golden queen mangoGolden Queen Mango is very nice to eat as green mango and as ripe fruit. It is not sour as green mango so it is very nice to eat. Holding a one-kg fruit is Zeny Arenas, a visitor from California.
Sweet Elena Mango
Sweet Elena Mango is a big-fruited carabao mango originally from Zambales but which is now grown in many places. It is fruiting well at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. It is sweet, juicy and not fibrous.
Peach Mango R2E2
peach mango, R2E2 Peach Mango or R2E2 is a hybrid mango from Australia. It produces big fruits with reddish tinge when the fruits are exposed to the sun on the tree. It is very nice to eat, no “medicine” taste. When half-ripe it is sweet and the flesh is firm It can be cubed highly suitable for fresh fruit salad.


These are our citrus varieties available.

Honey Mandarin
Honey Mandarin is a sweet orange that is prolific. Still limited stock.
Sweet Orange from Spain
sweet orange from spainSweet Orange from Spain is a seedless variety of sweet orange being multiplied at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Fruits are about 200 grams each. Planting materials are still limited – inquire for availability.
Key Lime
imgp9406-1Key Lime is one citrus variety that has a very nice flavor. The fruits are relatively small but very juicy with few seeds. It is highly suitable for planting in rubberized containers that can be situated right in the home garden for easy access whenever fruits are needed. Grafter seedlings will bear fruit in about one year.
Ilocos Jumbo Lime

Ilocos Jumbo Lime is an Heirloom Citrus variety that makes very nice lemonade. Very juicy.

Luz Calamansi
luz calamansiLuz Calamansi produces big juicy fruits.
Variegated Calamansi

Variegated Calamansi is an attractive variety that is both decorative and economic. It can serve as an attractive decorative plant that will at the same provide the owner a ready source of calamansi fruits for his or her kitchen use. The leaves and fruits are both variegated green and yellow. A small tree can produce a lot of fruits as in photo. This will also bear a lot of fruits even if it is grown in a container.

Variegated Orange
img_7811Variegated Orange is an attractive citrus because of its variegated leaves and fruits. The leaves are a combination of green, yellow and white. The fruits, on the other hand, are predominantly yellow with green stripes. The fruit is sweet and juicy. It can be grown in the ground as well as in containers.
Variegated Lemon
imgp8278Variegated Lemon is another variegated citrus that you can grow in your garden direct in the ground or in a container. With proper care, it will bear fruit in a couple of years. Fruit is juicy with a nice citrus flavor.
Milo Mas Pomelo
milo mas pomeloMilo Mas Pomelo is a Malaysian variety that produces round fruits that are white-fleshed, sweet and juicy. The young fruits have fine hairs that make them less susceptible to insect damage. This variety will perform well in practically every place in the Philippines.
Vietnam Pomelo
vietnam pummeloVietnam Pomelo comes in two varieties, the white and red. Big, 1.5 to 3 kg. each, sweet and juicy; flesh readily separates from skin. We also have pummelos from Thailand, and a superior selection of Magallanes pomelo.

Other fruit-bearing and seedlings available are enlisted below

We also have these items for sale in the farm.

Super Napier/Pakchong 1
super napier, pakchong 1Super Napier or Pakchong 1 is a very fast-growing grass that is relished by farm animals (goats, cattle, chickens, pigs, tilapia, etc). Aside from being fast-growing, it is also highly nutritious with crude protein content of 17 to 18 percent.
Japanese Saluyot

Japanese Saluyot Selection has big tender leaves and grows bigger than the ordinary cultivar. Seedlings and seeds are being sold at the Sarian Farm and for seed orders, it can be picked-up during our monthly AANI Bazaar stall or shipped by JRS courier.

Seedless Mabolo
maboloMABOLO or what is also known as Kamagong is a big tree. But it can also be grown in a container. Through judicious pruning the tree can be maintained at a low height. Available are grafted seedless Mabolo trees grown in big rubberized containers that are fruiting. Mabolo is an old fruit variety that is not common these days. Most cultivars are seeded but there is also the seedless kind that is propagated by grafting. The fruit is fine-textured and with a distinct aroma.
Sweet Balimbing
sweet balimbing, sarian farmGrafted Sweet Balimbing with big fruits that are juicy and sweet and just 2.5 feet tall are already available and flowering at the farm. You can grow your favorite Balimbing (Star Fruit) in a container and yet get full-sized fruits. The trick is to grow it in a medium that is rich in organic matter and it should be fertilized with organic as well as complete chemical fertilizer. The beauty about growing the tree in a container is that it is portable and can be transferred to a desired location any time.
ashitaba, sarian farmBeautifully growing seedlings of the true Ashitaba popularized by Adela Ang are now available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal for the benefit of customers who are living east of Metro Manila. Ashitaba is a relative of celery with many medicinal attributes. It is made into tea and can also be cooked as vegetable. In Taiwan, fresh leaves are sold in supermarkets just like other fresh vegetables. Robust seedlings are available in the farm.
Super Alokon
super alokon, sarian farmAlokon is a favorite ingredient of “pinakbet” among Ilocanos of the North. This is actually the “worm-like” flower of the tree that is botanically known as Bruossonetia luzonica. Most of the flowers sold in the market are harvested from trees that are not really purposely planted by farmers. They are mostly volunteer trees that must have been dispersed by bats or some other creatures.
Most of the Alokon flowers (also known as Himbabao among Tagalogs) in the market are just about 2 to 3 inches long. However, there is this tree at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal that produces flowers that are as long as one foot long. They are as delicious as the short flowers available in most markets.
Indian Malunggay

Seedlings of the Indian Malunggay that produces extra-long fruits are now available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. This is a variety brought to the Philippines several years ago by Mrs. Beatriz Dar, wife of Dr. William Dar, director general of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). This variety has been proven to be highly adapted under Philippine conditions. The extra-long fruits make excellent material for cooking the authentic Ilocano pinakbet. They can be cooked together with many other vegetables that include eggplant, tomatoes, finger and bell pepper, ampalaya, string beans, patani, alokon and others.

Taiwanese Berries

We have germinated the seeds we brought home from a Butterfly Farm in Taiwan and the seedlings are growing very well. We hope we can bloom them in the Philippines so we can also enjoy their white flowers and their brilliant red little berries that come in big clusters. We have yet to research on its botanic name.

Photo shows the Yusepeng chico variety. Other chico varieties with bigger fruits are Mapino, and Ponderosa.
Variegated Chico
variegated chico, sarian farmVariegated Chico can be multiplied by grafting as well as by inarching. Inarched trees will bear fruit immediately if bigger branches are inarched. Grafted trees may take two years before they bear fruit. If you want to grow a fruit tree that is both decorative and economic, try planting the Variegated Chico. This can be grown in a container or in the ground. This fruit tree is attractive because of its variegated yellow and green leaves. It is also very desirable because it is very prolific. The fruits are very sweet and fine-textured.Photo shows a fruiting Variegated Chico in a medium rubberized container. The fruits are bagged to protect them from fruit fly damage.
Paniyur Black Pepper from India

Paniyur Black Pepper from India is a variety that produces long fruit spikes. The peppercorn is very pungent. Cuttings are being rooted in big numbers at the Sarian Farm. Rooted cuttings will usually bear fruit in two years. Mahogany makes an ideal host tree. Photo shows a visitor posing with fruiting Paniyur attached to a mahogany tree.

Honduras Banana No. 2

Honduras Banana No.2 produces very long bunch with as many as 20 hands. The fruit has a slight tinge of sourness but is nice to eat just the same. It is said that it is best for making banana cake. It could also be made into banana chips. Occasionally, suckers may be available occasionally because there are just a couple of mother plants.

Mama Sita Banana

Mama Sita Banana is a variety from Thailand which is becoming popular in the Philippines. It bears fruits that taste somewhat like a combination of the Latundan and Saba banana. It produces big bunches. The trunk is bigger than those of most banana varieties and has a shorter stature than the Saba variety. It bears fruits less than a year after planting and may be harvestable in three months from emergence of the flower. In Tarlac, according to a grower, Mama Sita has become a favorite of the sellers of banana-cue. While one customer of Sarian Farm swears that Mama Sita makes an excellent banana cake.

Red-Fleshed Dragon Fruit

Red-Fleshed Dragon Fruit has a sweeter flesh than the white variety. Being red-fleshed it is said to be richer in anti-oxidants than the white variety. Photo shows Edna Felipe, a friend of Sarian Farm, showing a slice of red-fleshed dragon fruit from the farm. Meanwhile the flower of the dragon fruit is also edible. It could be made into salad or processed into jam.

Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry is known to produce sub-acid fruits that are rich in vitamin C. It bears a lot of cherries under local conditions. It will bear fruit even when grown in a container. Marcots bear fruit in less than one year or thereabouts.

Fertilizers we carry in the farm.

These items can be bought directly in the farm, or have it sent by JRS courier or LBC if preferred.

Power Grower Combo
powergrowerPower Grower Combo is a plant growth accelerator. It makes young plants grow faster, induces development of longer roots hence the plant becomes more drought resistant. When sprayed on mature trees, it makes them stronger and ready for fruiting.It induces the plant to take up more nutrients that are available in the soil so the fertilizer is utilized to the maximum.
Heavy Weight Tandem
heavyweightHeavy Weight Tandem induces the flowering in mature plants. It increase fruit set. The fruits are bigger and more uniform. The fruits, in the case of fruit trees, become sweeter and more juicy. In the case of fruiting vegetables, the fruits become bigger and with longer shelf life.
durabloomDurabloom biorganic fertilizer is derived from fish extract and infused with beneficial microorganisms. It makes plants grow faster and more resistant to diseases and stresses like drought and other bad weather conditions.