Save And Invest What You Save

Save And Invest What You Save
Save And Invest What You Save
Enterprising couple invested their first income from corn to rent land so they can plant more corn.

We remember a young couple we interviewed a few years back in Isabela. When they were newly married, they really scrimped and did not touch their first harvest of yellow corn amounting to P17,000. Instead of spending the amount on consumables or appliances that are practically dead investment, they used the money to rent land so they can plant more corn. They did that over and over again and today they are owners of several hectares.

Ourย fellow employee at the Manila Bulletin, comes to mind. He is Francisco JR Mabanta who has started raising organic pigs in his hometown in Tarlac. His lady boss, Beth Morales, has told us that he invested his bonus in a mechanical corn grinder. Why? Because he has been buying ground corn at P20 per kilo from the market. He has figured out that he can save a lot by buying whole corn at P12 per kilo and grinding them for his pigs. He could also use the machine to grind corn for sale to other hog raisers at a profit.

These are simple, doable money-making techniques you can ย also do.

By the way, JR is very happy about his six pigs that are growing very fast. Now, he also intends to grow ย organic vegetables on the side. He intends to attend a seminar on integrated organic farming at the Costales Nature Farms soon. And he has reserved part of his Christmas bonus for that, we are sure.

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