SEEDLESS ATIS: Joy To Eat For Breakfast

SEEDLESS ATIS: Joy To Eat For Breakfast

SEEDLESS ATIS: Joy To Eat For BreakfastOne of the enjoyable things for a small-time farmer like me is going around the little farm and picking some of the mature fruits, then partaking of themย when fully ripe. That’s what we did for breakfast this morning. The seedless atis that was plucked from the tree two days earlier was ready for eating, and that was what we took for breakfast.

The seedless atis is that’s it. It has no seeds so it is really nice to eat the sweet flesh. Our first tree was planted about seven years ago and it has been bearing fruit regularly for the last four years. Naturally, since it has no seeds, it is propagated by grafting. The mature scions easily take on the ordinary variety as rootstock.

So many people have already acquired planting materials from our farm in Teresa, Rizal. We are sure that in due time, they will also enjoy eating the seedless fruits.

Only grafted seedlings are available at the moment, these seedlings with proper care can start to bear fruits in 2-3yrs. To order the seedless atis seedlings click here – SARIAN FARM

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  1. can we also acquire this kind of tree, the seedless atis and seedless guava? Where can we get it? Please advise, salamat po.

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