SeedWorks Philippines Tops Hybrid Rice Derby

A hybrid rice variety from SeedWorks Philippines topped the recent derby held as a special highlight of the National Hybrid Rice Congress recently conducted in M’lang, Cotabato.

Harvesting of crop cut samples at 2m x 5m in plot size.
This is the TH 82 which yielded 8.05 tons per hectare, certified by the Department of Agriculture Region XII. The yield is virtually double the reported current national average yield of four tons per hectare. The variety is distributed by SeedWorks Philippines headed by Carlos Saplala.

Manual threshing of crop cut samples.

Another top yielder from SeedWorks is US-88, a variety developed in India which gave a yield of 6.03 tons per hectare in the derby. This same variety was planted during this dry season by Walter Galendez, a farm owner from Buturan City, and reported a yield of 10 tons per hectare. This variety is reported to have long grains, a characteristic preferred by many consumers.

Counting of filled and unfilled grains.

The hybrid rice derby was undertaken in a 13-hectare farm in Brgy. Buayan, M’lang, Cotabato where the national hybrid rice congress was held on March 6-10, 2017. The derby aimed to showcase to the Congress attendees 15 hybrid rice varieties from different seed companies. The rice plants which were already fruiting at the time of the Congress were harvested on March 20-24 with the results duly collated.

Aside from TH 82, the hybrid varieties that were entered in the derby included Bigante Plus which yielded 6.66 tons per hectare; M19 with 6.59 tons; US-88, 6.03 tons; Habilis, 6 tons; PHB-73, 5.90 tons; and nine others with lower yields.

Field mapping using GPS to calculate the actual area of derby area at Buayan, M’lang, Cotabato.

PhilRice-Midsayap and DA-CEMIARC did the collection of yield and agronomic characteristics of the entries in the derby as agreed upon by the participating seed companies. It was observed that the different varieties entered in the derby, planted in Brgy. Buayan, M’lang, Cotabato, showed significant differences in all agronomic characteristics and yield.

Those who would like to contact SeedWorks may call or text Keycie Ilao at 0917-545-5011. Aside from rice seeds SeedWorks also distributes seeds of vegetables and sweet corn.

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