Semi-retired Exec Developing His Own Farm In Iloilo


A 77-year-old business executive who considers himself semi-retired is developing his own 4.5-hectare farm in Dumangas, Iloilo. He is Felipe Uygongco, vice chairman of the Uygongco Group of Companies that is into flour milling, energy, animal feeds and other businesses.


FELIPE UNGONGCO, semi-retired executive is developing his farm in dumangas, Iloilo, where is planting more exotic fruit trees.

He already has a thousand hills of dragon fruit but is planting a lot more of exotic fruits. He recently visited the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal to acquire planting materials of Lemon Drlp mangostee, sweet balimbing, Abiu, sweet kamias, Paniyur black pepper from India, mini makopa from Indonesia and others.


SWEET BA;O,GOMG os pme pf Felipe’s latest acquisition.

He confesses that he did not have much time to do his brand of farming in the past due to the demands of his business activities. Today, however, he can devote more time to his farm.


FELIPE UNGONGCO got also sweet kamias for his farm in Iloilo.