Heavy Weight Tandem

heavyweightHeavy Weight Tandem induces the flowering in mature plants. It increase fruit set. The fruits are bigger and more uniform. The fruits, in the case of fruit trees, become sweeter and more juicy. In the case of fruiting vegetables, the fruits become bigger and with longer shelf life.

Each package is 500g. Inquire below for price, and the crops and coverage area you intend to use with Heavy Weight Combo.

This can be sent through JRS Express – additional minimum shipping fee PHP180.00 can accommodate approximately 2 packs and you will be advised on shipping cost depending on volume. Also available for pick-up every AANI Bazaar, the Farm in Teresa Rizal and Taytay Rizal residence.

Advisory, we no longer can ship to Visayas, Mindanao and Palawan as restrictions are implemented with our courier service.

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