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Here are sample posts for sellers, and seekers:

I am a direct seller for Durabloom liquid Fertilizers:

Durabloom bio-organic fertilizer is derived from fish extract and infused with beneficial microorganisms. It makes plants grow faster and more resistant to diseases and stresses like drought and other bad weather conditions. Comes in 2 sizes – .5liters/1liter. Selling from Makati – will ship nationwide.

Looking for banana supplier in Batangas

We are a banana chip manufacturer looking for direct suppliers of 1 ton bananas weekly. Multiple suppliers are welcome but must be able to deliver to our plant in Batangas area. Interested suppliers message me for approximate cost per/unit with complete contact details.

Notes: This is a FREE service from Our website is first and foremost an agriculture news agency and this is our way of bridging the gap between sellers and direct buyers. All ads with or without replies from readers will have one month duration but can easily be reposted if desired. We just want to give opportunity for other postee – as we will limit the free posts to 50 ads initially.

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