Sharing the harvest of Star Ruby makopa with frends gives a very satisfying feeling. That’s what is called Psychic Income.

PEOPLE GO into farming for their own legitimate reasons. Many really go for the money that could be made. But there are others who go for reasons other than money. They go for what they call โ€œpsychic income.โ€

NO IMMEDIATE RETURN – We remember a businessman who bought a farm in Lipa. He was telling us one day that no way he could recover his investment just by growing some fruit trees, a few patches of vegetables and some small livestock and chickens.

BIG EXPENSES – He said he had spent a big amount just putting up the submersible pump to supply the needed water. He spent more than a million pesos to put up the fence. Another big expense was the farm house with all the modern amenities.

HARVESTS GIVEN AWAY – He had also hired several workers who were all well paid. They kept the farm sparkling clean. They also produced very nice vegetables but the businessman did not sell them. He enjoyed giving them as gifts to friends and relatives.

SHARING MADE HIM HAPPY – While he did not make money from farming, he said he was fully satisfied with the way his farming had tuned out. He really enjoyed sharing what he harvested from the farm with his favorite golfmates and associates in the office.

PSYCHIC INCOME – He just called that his psychic income. Not cash but very satisfying nevertheless.

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