She Wants To Duplicate Mrs. Villar’s Project

Mrs. Villar with Roberto Villalon checking.
organic fertilizer from household wastes.

MILA A. CELESTE, a volunteer coordinator of the Science of Identity Foundation in La Union, wants to duplicate the project of Mrs. Cynthia Villar about converting household wastes into organic fertilizer. Their foundation launched in October 2011 an outreach program called Good Organic Resource Actions (GORA). They aim to minimize the destructive habit of burning backyard and agricultural wastes. They have already piloted this in selected public schools and some barangays and towns. So far, Mila says, the response from the recipients is very positive that the staff of DENR Region 1 offered to team up with their program so it can be adopted in all towns of La Union.
Their aim on the municipal level is waste management in public markets. Now, she would like to get in touch with Mrs. Villar so she could get more information. Mila said she read our article on Mrs. Villar’s project in the March issue of Agriculture Magazine which we edit. We also featured Mrs.Villar’s project in this blog.
The best way to get in touch with Mrs. Villar is thru Nini Enrique who works for Mrs. Villar. Nini’s contact numbers are: 0917-855-0708 and 02-216-6547.

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