Sheep Raiser Diversifies Into Exotic Pets

Francisco Alcasid and his white peacocks.

FRANCISCO ALCASID who is well known as a sheep producer has branched out into exotic pets. 

He displayed some of them at the three-day Agrilink trade show which ended on October 6, 2012. In photo, he is shown with his white peacocks in the outdoor exhibits..

Aside from peacocks, he raises imported pheasants, Guinea fowl, mandarin ducks, wild ducks, wild pigs, deer, imported turkeys, goats, giant gourami and others.

Alcasid and a brother also raise 30,000 ducks for salted egg production. The salted eggs are distributed all over Metro Manila supermarkets. Their projects are all found at the Villa Rufina Farm Resort in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.

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