Should You Wash Your Bell Pepper After Harvest? ZAC Says No!

Don’t wash your bell after harvest and then set aside for delivery a day or two later. The wet condition is perfect for fungi to grow and proliferate.
Red and yellow bell pepper. Bell pepper is also called sweet pepper.

LET ME SHARE with you a very grave mistake that Alex (not his real name) committed.  In 2008 he was growing bell pepper for the first time in his farm in Lipa City. He got a very good harvest that he washed right after the fruits were harvested and brought to the packing area. Then these were placed in crates while waiting for other vegetables that were being harvested. These were scheduled to be brought to the market together a day after. 

FRUITS WERE ROTTING – When the time to deliver came, Alex found that many of the bell pepper fruits were rotting!. The wet condition was perfect for fungal growth to develop. After asking for advice from the supplier of the seeds, he was told that he should have just wiped off the dirt from the harvested fruits with soft cloth, or something similar, instead of washing them.

WELL, he learned a most expensive lesson which he had avoided since then. He learned from his mistake.

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