SHOWY CALADIUM: It’s wanted! It’s missing!

Your blogger, Zac B. Sarian, took this picture a few years back during a garden show. We have never seen it again. Can somebody look for it and propagate it for the benefit of other aficionados?

Caladiums are very nice foliage plants, especially when they are not hibernating. During summer, they usually rest and will only show up again when the usual rains come in May or June.

A few years back, I took a picture of a very showy caladium that I have never seen again. I am posting the picture in this blog hoping that some caladium lovers woould exert some effort at looking for it and conserving it. By all means, it should be multiplied for the enjoyment of gardening aficionados.

Surely, many people would love to have at least one in their collection. And the one who can propagate it for sale can make some business, even just as a hobby.

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