Simple Way To Prepare IMO, Pat Acosta Style

PAT ACOSTA, the Gawad Saka Organic Farmer of 2010, has a very simple way of preparing his IMO (indigenous microorganism) that he uses to hasten decomposition of his shredded grass.

He just gets a spoonful of soil from the forest, combines it with a spoonful of brown sugar and places the mixture in a liter of clean water. He puts this in an open container and leaves the same under a roof without any cover for three days. After three days, he mixes 250 ml or one-fourth of the one-liter mixture in 16 liters of water and uses this to spray his dried shredded compost materials. His compost materials consist of shredded grasses gathered around his 3,000-square meter farm in Brgy. Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet.

The sprayed compost materials are left uncovered under a roof.ย In just two weeks, he can already incorporate his compost to his planting beds of lettuce and other salad varieties. To reinforce the nutrients from his shredded grasses, he adds 10 percent seaweeds by volume. Seaweeds, he says, contain many elements needed by the plants.

By the way, he does not use fully decomposed compost. He says that fully decomposed organic fertilizer is easily consumed by the plants, requiring subsequent application. The not-well-decomposed compost, he says, releases some of its nutrients while some are released gradually. It is is just like some kind of a slow-release compost.

Sometimes he also uses his not-fully-decomposed compost in mulching his plants. Pat enjoys a most comfortable farming life by just planting throughout the year a 3,000-square meter sloping land, producing organic lettuce, arugula, cherry tomato, sugar snap peas, cherry radish, Japanese cucumber and others.

Twice week, he ships his organic vegetables to Manila – every Tuesday and Friday. His weekly shipments are worth P10,000 to P12,000 and that is more than enough for him to ย lead an uncomplicated and healthy lifestyle.

He spends very little in growing his plants because he does not use any chemical pesticides and fertilizers in his farming. Yet, his plants are very healthy. You can reach Pat at 0942-825-8499.

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