Sitao Is Profitable

Sitao Is Profitable
Jun Perez in his sitao plantation.

There’s good money to be earned from growing sitao (string beans) if you ask Pedro “Jun” Perez of Talisay, Tiaong, Quezon. He has a standing crop of Mariposa sitao on 8,000 square meters near where he lives. 

He timed his planting two months after the other farmers have planted their own sitao crops, believing that when he harvests his own sitao, the competition will no longer be there. And he is right. Most other farmers have phased out their own sitao crops.
Jun said that the first harvest comes 45 days after planting. With good management, he could harvest from his crop every two days for a period of two months. That means about 30 harvests.
Currently, he is harvesting 200 kilos from his 8,000 square meters. And the ex-farm price at P50 per kilo is very good. That means he is making about P10,000 every two days.
Jun has no problem selling his harvest because it is a seller’s market. There is a shortage of supply because the crop in Nueva Ecija was damaged severely by the recent typhoon Santi.
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