Small Feedmill Is Envisioned To Have Big Impact On Smallhold Farmers In San Mariano, Isabela

The Sta. Filomena Farmers Cooperative in San Mariano, Isabela will mechanize corn planting of farmers with the help of ENAGBE Foundation.

A feedmill has been set up for a cooperative in San Mariano, Isabela as a machinery companyโ€™s means of rendering its corporate responsibility to help smallhold farmers.
The co-op is the Sta. Filomena Farmers Cooperative which is being assisted by the Enhanced Agri Beneficiaries Foundation (ENAGBE Foundation) of the Agri Component Corporation of Cauayan, Isabela. The company specializes in farm mechanization and transfer of innovative farming technologies.

The feedmill is small (capacity is 1.5 tons per hour) but it is envisioned to have a big impact on the smallhold farmers who are growing hybrid corn in San Mariano. Under the production scheme, the Sta. Elena Farmers Co-op advances the cost of land preparation, direct seeding, harvesting and drying of the grains to be deducted from the sale of the harvested corn.

The cooperative will buy the corn harvest of the farmers that it will use to manufacture feeds that are cheaper than the commercial feeds in the market. This means that there will be no middlemen involved in marketing so that the farmers will get a better price for their corn grains.

The co-op will undertake hog dispersal among farm families for their additional income, using the cheaper feeds from the feedmill.

The foundation (ENAGBE) will also help the co-op to undertake a hog dispersal scheme so that farmers can take care of swine that will be fed with the product of the feedmill. This means another source of additional income for the farmers.

The co-op will also take charge of marketing the slaughter pigs produced by the farmers. The above information was relayed by Eugene Gabriel of Agri Comonent Corporation.

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