Small Is Beautiful But You’ll Have To Be Smarter Than The Big Ones

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL but the big ones can clobber you if you are not smart enough. This can be true in agribusinesses and no doubt in other businesses.

We remember Tom Brynie from Orange county in California whom we interviewed in the early 1990s. He was a nursery man who opted to be a small operator but who did something big in his own way.

When youโ€™re small you can be very flexible. And most of the time you can keep the profits to yourself, he said.

Tom just operated a two-acre nursery with just two Mexican workers. Others in the same business operated tens or even hundreds of acres. But he thought he was doing better than most of the big ones profitwise as well as in terms of enjoyment on the job.

Some can make a lot of profits but the hassles they have to go through could be terrible, he pointed out.

BETTER QUALITYโ€”He was able to beat the bigger nurseries by producing better quality plants. He was very proud, for example, that the special decorator of the White House as well as the very rich and famous ordered from him his huge Boston ferns with fronds as long as six feet. Most Boston ferns, by the way, may have fronds of just three feet.

With that strategy, Tom was able to sell his fantastic Boston ferns at also fantastic prices.

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