Smart Way To Fertilize (Farm Tip 32)

Well-fertilized durian is very fruitful

A doctor who owns a four-hectare durian farm in Mindanao has a smart way of applying fertilizer to his trees. When it is time to fertilize the trees after harvest, he buys all the fertilizer needed for the trees in the four hectares.

When it is time to apply, he hires at least ten workers to apply the fertilizer in just one day. He sees to it that he is personally supervising the application. That way, he is sure that the fertilizer is applied properly and in just one day.

He says that if he just relies on one worker to apply the fertilizer in the whole orchard, it could take him one week or more to do so. And the doctor is not sure if the fertilizer will be applied properly. The doctor has heard of cases where the worker does not actually apply all the fertilizer. In some instances, part of the fertilizer is sold to other farmers.
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