SMARTASSIST-Remote Is Cutting Edge Tech From Yanmar Of Japan

This 57 hp Yanmar tractor has a niche market in ASEAN region.


Osamu Omoro, manager of Yanmar Agribussiness Co., explains during the workshop the advantages of the SMARTASSIST-Remote technology.

BANGKOK,  Thailand – Yanmar, the Japanese firm that was the first to develop the diesel engine in 1933 launched its ground breaking YM tractors last January 29 in Bangkok attended by multi-media jounalists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and other countries.

One o the new technologies that the company unveiled is SMARTASSIST-Remote which was discussed in a workshop handled by Omosu Omoro, manager of Yanmar Agribusiness Company.

This technology allows users to access vital operational information about their tractors through an intuitive user interface which can even be accesseds from a smartphine. Its geolacation features allow the operator to see exactly where their tractor is and how it is working. The technology can also issue warnings when the equipment is operating outside preset parameters or if the  equipment moves beyond designated boundaries. The result is reduced downtime, greater earnings and peace of mind for farmers. SMARTASSIST-Remote is standard to both the YM351A (51 HP) and the YM357A.(57 HP output). The two new breeds of Yanmar tractors are equipped with cutting edge technology.


Filipino journalists posing with 57 hp Yanmar tractor.

In his product presentation, Hiraoki Kitaoka,  president of Yanmar Agribusiness Co., said that many farmers in Southeast Asia cultivate both rice in wet paddies and a range of dry field crops, from corn to sugarcane and others. Fields are often tilled by contractors who demand highly efficient light-weight tractors and reliable 50-60 hp tractors to lower costs and maximize their income. The YM series meets these demands in a highly functional and attractive package.

The two new tractors feature powerful and fuel-efficient engine. Yanmar’s YM tractor comes with Yanmar direct injection TNV that realizes high power with low fuel consumption and superb durability. Monoplunger fuel injection pump atomizes fuel at high pressure; On the other hand, its unique combustion chamber shape is for improved combustion.

Optimum Gear Selection For Work – Gear ratios are matched to work speed for best performance with 8 forward and 8 reverse gears, Gear ratios widely overlap all speed ranges to deliver the best torque for the speed, using less fuel and contributing to owner profit.

Versatile Workload – The YM tractor is great on dry fields and can also haul loads. Great ground clearance is the key to powering on muddy field conditions or passing over crops without damaging them while a maximum turning angle of 55 degrees gives a turning circle that is the envy of its class.

The YM can perform a wide range of work and boasts a specially mated newly designed rotary tiller that limits soil traveling into the rotary for reduced power loss. Implements available at the launchg include those for sugarcane and corn.

Ergonomic Comfort – With a flat deck and deluxe suspensin seating,the YM is comfortable and easy to operate. Operators can stop or start PTO operation with one touch of a button. The YM tractor will go on sale in Southeast Asia from early 2019 and is expected to be progressively deployed globally in the coming years.


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