SMOOTHIE: A new squash you’d love to eat and grow!

Zac B. Sarian posing with beautiful fruits of Smoothie.

WE WERE really impressed by the uniform good looks of the fruits of Smoothie Pumpkin, a new hybrid just released by Known-You Seed of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The fruit with light brown rind and yellow flesh weighs about three kilos.

PROLIFIC – It is a prolific variety that matures in 90 days after sowing. It is adapted to areas with 15 to 32 degrees Celsius temperature. It could be planted under mid-elevation areas or during the cold months in the lowland like December to February.

SIMPLE COOKING – In Taiwan, they have a simple way of cooking without any garnishing. The fruit with the insides removed is cut to pieces about 1.5 inch square of 1.5 x 2- inch pieces and steamed until fully cooked, soft with mealy consistency.

HOPEFULLY, Known-You Philippines will conduct field trials in the Philippines to ascertain its adaptability to local conditions.

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