Solar-Powered Pump Showcased At Atisco Harvest Fest

Eugene Gabriel and the solar-powered irrigation pump showcased at the Atisco harvest festival.

A solar-powered pump that can draw three cubic meters of water per hour was showcased at the Atisco Harvest Festival in Tanauan City on November 30 to December 2, 2017. Thirty 70-watts solar panel were installed by the Agri Components Group based in Cauayan City, Isabela.

Eugene Gabriel, operations manager of Agri Comp, said the smaller panels of 70 watts each have an advantage over the bigger panels. They are more sensitive to sunlight so that even if it is cloudy, the system still functions satisfactorily.The unit is powered by a two-HP pump Uflo from Italy.

The use of solar-powered pumps for irrigating farms and gardens is becoming a new trend in environment-friendly agriculture. It saves foreign exchange for importing diesel, and it does not contribute to pollution.

Eugene Gabriel said he will be happy to assist people who would like to have their own units of solar-powered irrigation system in big as well as small farms. He can be contacted at 0922-800-2474 or 0908-890-2474.

A pollution-free irrigation system.
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  1. Hello! Both numbers here are not the cell phone numbers for Mr. Gabriel. I am interested in the solar pump but cant seem to contact him.

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