SOLOMON CARPIO of Davao City is going into commercial production of the native Siling Labuyo for a big manufacturer of sauces and condiments. He has already planted one hectare with a target to plant a total of five hectares in his farm in Marilog district.
He is producing the Siling Labuyo for Marigold Commodities, the maker of the famous Mama Sita sauces and condiments. Siling Labuyo is about the smallest among hot peppers in the country. This has the hotness and flavor desired by Mama Sita. Aside from Siling Labuyo, he plans to grow black pepper also for Mama Sita.
According to Mrs. Clara Lapus of Mama Sita, their company needs big volumes of sour native guava, achuete, small-seeded peanut, sour tamarind, etc.
By the way, Mr. Carpio already produces commercial volumes of high-value vegetables like bell pepper. He is looking for big buyers of bell pepper and other crops he is growing because the Davao market can’t absorb all his present production.
Mr. Carpio was born in Davao but he traces his roots to Paoay, Ilocos Norte. His parents migrated to Davao many years ago. He is a business administration graduate from UP in Diliman. He used to work in Quezon City but he got tired of Metro Manila’s monstrous traffic so he decided to go back to Davao to do his own brand of farming.

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