SOMETHING NEW: White Ivory Waxy Corn

SOMETHING NEW: White Ivory Waxy Corn
SOMETHING NEW: White Ivory Waxy Corn
WHITE IVORY waxy corn hybrid for green corn production (for boiling). This will be one of the varieties to be showcased at the Field Day at the farm of Allied Botanical in Tayug, Pangasinan on February 12, 2015.

Here’s a new white corn hybrid that you can produce as green corn for boiling. It is called White Ivory, a waxy corn being distributed by Allied Botanical Corporation. It produces big ears with straight 14-16 kernel rows. The ears have good husk cover and the cob is filled to the tip. The opaque white kernels are soft and with very good eating quality.

The plants are claimed to be sturdy and vigorous, resistant to Rhizoctonia and Sheath Blight diseases. The ears can be harvested for boiling 60 days after emergence. This hybrid has a potential marketable yield of 9 tons fresh yield or five tons grain yield per hectare.

One technique that will give a high yield is to spray the plants with Power Grower Combo when they have developed four leaves. This will make them grow faster and develop longer roots, thus more drought resistant. After the first spraying, follow it up 10 days later. Then at 40 days old, spray Heavy Weight Tandem. This will result in bigger ears and heavier kernels.

For more information about Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem, text 0917-841-5477.

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