SOMETHING NEW: Red Biko By Edna Sanchez

SOMETHING NEW: Red Biko By Edna Sanchez
EDNA SANCHEZ and her red biko.

THERE’S a new twist to the rice cake we popularly call “biko”. Instead of the usual light or brownish color, the “biko” of Edna Sanchez is bright red. That’s because she incorporated her red-fleshed dragon fruit asย additional ingredient.

The result is an attractive rice cake that is novel. It is not only colorful, it is also delicious. And it is possible that the antioxidant from dragon fruit is infused in the red biko.

Edna Sanchez, of course, is the retired lady employee of Meralco that we featured earlier in this blog. She has 8,000 hills of dragon fruit that are of fruiting age. Her farm is spic and span. Aside from dragon fruit, she also takes care of goats, sheep, ducks, geese, a couple of cattle, carabaos and two horses. She has a windmill that draws water for her plants and a solar panel that generates electricity.

Watch for the AANI farm tour that will visit her farm sometime in June.

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