CASE TO REMEMBER: Orange Overproduction In Taiwan in 2007

Orange farmers occupied a big area along the highway where they spread their sweet oranges to show their helplessness.
The fruits are strung and hung on bamboo poles. Zac B. Sarian was there.

In 2007, during a trip to Taiwan we witnessed the frustration of orange farmers who had over produced and could not seem to market their harvests. What did they do?

They occupied a very spacious area along the road where they manifested their helplessness in solving their marketing problem. They spread their fruits on the ground. Some were strung and then hung in horizontal bamboo poles. The oranges were very sweet and juicy but there seemed to be no takers whether for the local or the export markets.

In more recent years that we have visited Taiwan leisure farms, we have never witnessed such happening of overproduction again. What could have happened?

Perhaps the farmers had learned their lessons not to produce in excess of what the market can absorb. Maybe, the government had taken action to help the farmers sell their produce. Maybe they have shifted production of oranges to growing of high-value vegetables and other crops. Or maybe, they have learned to process their harvest for added value.

We can only conjecture. The important thing is that in recent years we have not witnessed in Taiwan the same problem of overproduction in any agricultural commodity.

Oranges spread on the ground and hung in bamboo poles.
ZBS posing with crates of sweet oranges.
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