Picture of Cherimoya that we took at the Kaohsiung Agri Trade Fair in November 2018.
Sliced Cherimoya with seeds numbering as many as 50 in one fruit.

Humans make mistakes. Right? Right. Thatโ€™s what happened to us when we harvested the first fruit of what is botanically known as Rolinia deliciosa. We searched the internet and we observed that Cherimoya cultivars are quite variable. When we saw the fruit of a cultivar that looked like that of our tree in our farm, we concluded that what we have is a Cherimoya. Upon further research, however, we confirmed that we made a mistake. What we posted as Cherimoya is actually Rolinia deliciosa.

We remember taking picture of Cherimoya during the Kaohsiung Agri Trade Fair in November 2018. Now we got the cultivar from Taiwan and it is much more juicy and smoother in texture thanย Rolinia deliciosa. When placed in the chiller and eat a spoonful, it is like eating ice cream with the Cherimoya flavor. We are now propagating the Cherimoya.

Once again, sorry for the mistake. It was an honest mistake.

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