Source of Affordable Beautiful Ornamentals

Source of Affordable Beautiful Ornamentals
CHERRYLYN BAGARIS with Daeng Amphorn Philodendron

There’s a remarkable nursery up in the mountains of Lucban, Quezon, where one can find ornamental plants of the highest quality but which only a few plant traders know. The plants are not only remarkable for their high quality, they are also remarkable for their very affordable price.

For instance, bromeliads like Neoregelia Perfecta in bloom are priced at only P150. In Manila weekend markets and plant shops, the same could be selling double that price.
Source of Affordable Beautiful Ornamentals

Another remarkable thing about the ornamental farm is that the fellow who is running it is not a horticulturist but one who learned the fine points of ornamental plant propagation through self-study and trial and error. Now, he has mastered a fast way of multiplying the varieties they are producing in large numbers.

The ornamental plant nursery is the May-it Flower Farm in Brgy. May-it, Lucban town. The fellow who is running it, together with his wife Cherrylyn, is Bobby Bagaris, 39, who finished a course in marine engineering. He chose not to pursue the profession he studied in college and instead opted to work for his American brother-in-law who is married to his sister Vivian. First, he served as his brother-in-law’s driver and eventually manager of the nursery put up by his sister’s husband, Ralph William Miller.

May-it Flower Farm specializes in just a few varieties that are particularly suited to the growing conditions in Lucban which has a milder climate than most other parts of the country.

The main ornamental plants they grow include a number of philodendron varieties of the self-heading type (not the climbing type that needs a stake to grow on). They are also growing a lot of flowering anthuriums which are mostly small but which are sold at very affordable prices.

Then there are a few varieties of bromeliads, particularly Neoregelias. Also grown in fewer numbers is a variety of dwarf dieffenbachia imported from Thailand which is produced as indoor décor.

At first glance, the knowledgeable visitor would say that the plants are grown from tissue-cultured plantlets. But no, they are grown from suckers  of mother plants that have been topcut.

Many gardeners will usually topcut their philodendron when they are already full grown. In the case of Bobby, he topcuts the three-month-old plants which are still very small. He has observed that the young mother plants will usually produce three or more suckers. He separates the young suckers and grows them in plastic trays. After they have grown bigger, they are transferred to a bigger hard plastic pot, eventually to be transferred to a pot with a mouth of about a foot in diameter. Three or four months later, they are already ready for sale to traders and plant shop owners who buy them in big numbers (sometimes by the truckload). Many of the plants find their way to the weekend markets and plant shops in Metro Manila.

Bobby says that his system of propagation is very fast. For instance, the 1,000 young New Orange philodendrons they imported from Thailand became more than 10,000 in less than a year. That’s because the first batch of suckers are ready for top cutting in just a few months, and also the original mother plants continue to produce new suckers.

The same technique is applied to the flowering anthuriums being propagated in large numbers. The mother plants were sourced as tissue-cultured plants from Holland. Again, the young plants are being topcut for multiplication.

Each batch of mother plants is usually a thousand seedlings. With that number, it is quite fast to attain a big number of propagations.

The philodendron varieties that they are producing by the thousands include New Orange, Daeng Amphorn, Cherry Red, Black Cardinal, Green Congo, Red Congo, Moonlight, Sunlight (tricolor) and Red Imperial.

The current bestseller, according to Bobby, is New Orange at P210 each. Moonlight is also catching up. All the others are also selling well. There are times when they have to sell the medium size at P100 each because the bigger stocks have run out.

In the case of flowering anthuriums, the bigger ones with flowers sell at P100 but there are smaller sizes with flowers that may sell for just P50. The varieties include Small Talk Red, Small Talk Salmon, Small Talk Pink, White Queen, Robin J and Red King.

Of course, one very good reason why May-it Flower Farm can produce high quality ornamentals is because the plants are grown under a high-tech greenhouse put up by Bobby’s American brother-in-law whose business in the US was installing watering and climate control systems in greenhouses. At May-it, watering is by automatic sprinkler system. Also automated is the application of fertilizer.

Source of Affordable Beautiful Ornamentals
BOBBY BAGARIS and the bestselling New Orange Philodendron.
Source of Affordable Beautiful Ornamentals
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  1. Helo Po.. Pwede po ba makahingi ng Cellphone Number or Way n pwd kami makabili ng mga varieties ng Philodendron… D2 po kmi sa North Cotabato, Mindanao Po… Gardener po ako d2 sa Isang Small Town ng Cotabato po… kc po tuma-travel p po kc ako from Cotabato to Davao Around 5-6 hours po ung travel ko po bigay po nila sa akn don ng New Orange po Medium size 250 po… di ko lng alm kung san s maynila sya nagakuha ng mga stock nya… try ko lng po sa inu baka pwd n mag order ng volume at ipadala lng d2 kng sa anong paraan po at kung ano ang processo ng bayaran po…. Thanks po And God Bless Wait nlng po ako Reply nu…

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