SOW BRED, story no.13


A PRACTICAL HOG RAISER whom wet met in the late 1980s had simple way of freeing some of his breeding pigs from nursing their piglets so that they can be bred sooner. The mother pigs could be bred as early as one month after giving birth instead of the usual two months after farrowing. The practical guy was David Remandaban, owner of Anibong Farm in Tacloban City.

IN HEAT SAME TIMEย  He injected hormoneย  to his breeders so that they come in heat at the same time. Say, 10 females would come in heat at the same time, they would also give birth at the same time. If the pigs gave birth to 10 piglets each, he would distribute the 20 piglets of two sows to the 8 other breeders. That would free two sows from nursing their piglets and would be ready for breeding again in a matter of one month. Thatโ€™s one month earlier than usual.

MIXED PGLETS– Some people would say that the foster mother pig will usually reject the piglet of another mother pig. Well, David had a simple solution. He placed all the piglets in one pen and let them mix for a few hours. Then 20 piglets of two mother pigs are distributed to each of the 8 other mother pigs. The mother pigs would no longer be able to recognize their own litters.

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