Specialized courses in swine offered at int’l training center!

Artificial insemination is offered at the Center.

There’s an international training center where farmers, technicians, extension workers and other stakeholders in the swine industry can undergo specialized training.

SPECIALIZED COURSES – This is the ATI-ITCPH or Agricultural Training Institute-International Training Center in Pig Husbandry based in Lipa City which offers specialized courses throughout the year. Among those who take the courses include non-government extension workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, private extension service providers, agricultural leaders and professors, members of rural-based organizations and cooperatives, and other interested private individuals.

The center provides regular training programs on pig husbandry and related disciplines such asartificual insemination, waste management, meat processing, and animal feedmilling technology.

TRAINORS COURSE – This is a course on pig husbandry that is offered once a year for extension workers/technicians of government and non-government organizations; and teachers/instructors of agricultural colleges and universities handling pig husbandry subjects and/or in charge of pig farm projects on the campus.

BASIC PIG HUSBANDRY –This course is designed for private individuals who are engaged or are still planning to go into swine production. The course consists of theoretical and practical lessons covering all aspects of swine raising.

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION – This course is intended for practicing and would-be AI technicians. It is a highly practical course, conducted for one week covering the detailed aspects of swine artificial insemination. At the end of the course, the prarticipants should have acquired proficiency in semen examination, processing and insemination.

ANIMAL WASTE MANAGEMENT – The course will serve as a venue for exposure of the participants to the different techniques of waste management procedures which can be implemented in the farm. Theoretical and practical lessons are provided.

PIG FARMING AS AN ENTERPRISE – This five-day training is solely for farm owners, supervisors, private individuals or those interested in pig farming as a business. Focus is on management of the pig business, business communication and planning.

SUSTAINABLE PIG FARMING – This is in support of the call for organic farming. It is a three-day course that involves the sustainable ways and alternatives in pig farming.

PRODUCTION OF BENEFICIAL MICROORGANISMS – These include lactic bacteria serum (LABS) and other concoctions. It is a sister course of Sustainable Pig Farming dealing with production of fermented juices and LABS known to be effective as antibiotic and deodorizer for pig’s immune system and wastes.

BASIC MEAT PROCESSING – The course aims to equip the participants with the necessary know-how and skills in processing pork into ham, bacon, native sausages, tocino, pork tapa, corned pork and hamburger. Meat processing provides added value to pork thereby increasing the income of pig farmers. Those interested in the courses can inquire through this email: atiitcphrecords@gmail.com.

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