Flowering Plants, Veggies, Sweet Corn Love Spirulina Byproduct

Pat Puente Rodriguez and her flowering plants fertilized with a Spirulina byproduct.
Pat’s roses!

The Puente family who operates Aztec Spirulina Farm has a new byproduct of spirulina production. Although not yet really produced for the commercial market, the byproduct makes an excellent organic fertilizer for flowering plants, foliage plants, white waxy corn, sweet corn, various favorite vegetables. Thatโ€™s their experience in their home garden as well as in their farm in Sitio Bathala, Brgy. Plaza Aldea, Tanay, Rizal.

Pat Puente, the daughter, swears that the Spirulina byproduct makes her roses and other flowering plants healthy and blooming without any other fertilizer and chemical pesticides.

Engr. Pol Puente’s ever-blooming bougainvillea fertilized with Spirulina byproduct.

Engr. Pol Puente, the big boss of Aztec Spirulina, uses the byproduct in his bougainvillea grown in a plant box atop their wall. It is practically everblooming.

On the other hand, Mrs. Valery Puente uses the byproduct in growing her vegetables like ampalaya, sitao, eggplant, pumpkin, and others in their Tanay farm. Last December, she harvested her white waxy corn which Pat sold to friends andย  acquaintances at the Fitness gym at P15 apiece. This February, Val is slated to harvest her sweet corn. She says she does not use any chemical pesticides and fertilizers yet her plants are very productive.

In December 2019, Val harvested white waxy sweet corn in Tanay fertilized with Spirulina sediments.

And what is the byproduct? Val explains that every month they remove the sediments in their concrete ponds. The collected sediments which contain fragments of spirulina are stored in containers. The sediments are diluted with water which they use for watering their plants. It is a very nice bonus from their spirulina project.

In February 2020, Val will harvest her sweet corn in Tanay. Abangan! Grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
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