Start Developing Your Farm While You Are Still Young

Grafted longkong lanzones. Plant some while you are young so you will reap the fruits before you get old.

It’s wise to start developing your own farm while still young. How young? The younger the better. We remember a fellow who started planting lanzones in his family’s coconut farm in San Pablo City many years ago while we were working in Los Banos. He was only 17 then but was farsighted enough to start planting his favorite fruit tree.

There are advantages in starting farming while you are still young. You will know early in life the realities in farming. There are risks in farming but these risks should keep you on your toes. Mistakes are usually inevitable but if you are still young, there’s enough time to make amends. Mistakes can make you more creative in your farming strategies.

We have posted this tip several years back. There’s no harm repeating it for the sake of new readers.

A fruitful longkong lanzones that is about 8 yeas old. If you planted one when you were 17, you will be harvesting the fruits of your foresight while you are still only 25 years old.
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