Start Your Dream Farm (Tip No.2)

(This is the second tip on Starting Your Dream Farm, a series that we will post in this blog every now and then in small, digestible doses.)

If You Don’t Have Land Of Your Own, RENT!

YOU say you are not farming now because you don’t have your own land? That should not prevent you from doing your own brand of farming. You can borrow or rent land!

  We remember a number of vegetable growers in Batangas, Laguna and other provinces renting the land they are cultivating. One very good example is Benito Magaling of Lipa City. A few years back, he rented 2 hectares from a land reform beneficiary and used it for growing Django pepper from East-West Seed Company.

The rent was just about P7,500 per hectare per growing season – May to January. And do you know how much he made? After planting the two hectares in June, he started harvesting by August. By September, he was harvesting 2 tons every day which he sold to a big dealer in Divisoria and some big buyers in the Tanauan market in Batangas. From September to January, he harvested every day at least P100,000 worth of finger peppers!

There are several advantages in farming on rented land. One is that you don’t pay for the realty tax. Another is that you can rent new land season after season so that you avoid the build up of harmful diseases as well as pests as a result of continuous planting in one place.

Of course you usually plant short-term crops on rented land.

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