Steam Your Sliced Camote

Some people are advocating the eating of more sweet potato or camote for two good reasons. One is that it will help us reduce rice consumption, big quantities of which are imported. Second, camote is healthy food. One fellow who will tell you that is Fred Yap, a fisheries expert who used to suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Now he is eating camote instead of rice and he swears that his health has improved tremendously.
One healthy way to prepare sweet potato for the table is to slice the root as in photo and steam the same. There is no oil used and cooking is very fast. In five minutes, the slices could already be cooked. Try this, you will be glad you did. We have been doing this for a few years now. We like steaming the variety with yellow flesh and the purple variety (which is not always available). The sliced yellow root in photo is a Taiwanese variety. It is sweet with a nice consistency.

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