STEEL ARCH BUILDING FROM TECO: A Multi-Purpose Structure For Agriculture, Etc.

The big Steel Arch Buildiing from TECO of Turkey has multiple uses.
The Steel Arch Building can be used as storage for many agricultural commodities and equipment.

Steel Arch Building is a novel concept for a number of uses in Agriculture, storage of various commodities, for use as barn for livestock, and as evacuation center in times of calamities and emergency situations. This is a product of TECO, a Turkish company that is now represented by Agricomp for distribution not only in the Philippines but also in other ASEAN countries.

Steel Arch Buildings are ideal structures for storage of agricultural products like rice,corn, beans and more. It can be used as animal barns and shelters. The building can be used as evacuation center for those in typhoon-prone areas like the Philippines. It is a climate smart storage house which can resist wind speed of 250 km/h and above, depending on the design. Arch constructions are the most effective spatial structures. They are light, while staying extremely rigid and strong.

It could be used as a barn for goats and other livestock.
Cattle inside the Steel Arch Building from TECO of Turkey.

More information can be obtained from Eugene Gabriel, operations manager of Agricomp. His numbers are: 0922-800-2472, or 0908-980-2474.

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