Student Growing Mangosteen seedlings to bigger size

Mangosteen seedlings are not usually attacked by pests and diseases.

A mother in the city asked us. What can we suggest as a mini money-making project that her son who is a high school student can undertake in their spacious residence in the suburb? She wants him to get interested in farming, thatโ€™s why. Something that he can attend to even if he is studying.

HIGH PRICE – Well, he can take care of young seedlings of a high-value fruit tree that he can grow into a size that will command a high price. One such fruit tree is Mangosteen. Mangosteen seedlings are easy to take care because they are not attacked by insects. Also, they are not usually attacked by disease.

JUST FEW MINUTES – What the student can do is just water the plants before going to school which can be finished in 15 to 20 minutes. He can spray a growth enhancer like Megafol every month. In a year, the price could already double. When the plant has grown four feet tall, it could command P1,000, especially to plant collectors and hobbyists.

MONEY IN FARMING – When the son has experienced selling his plants, he would realize that there is money in farming. Then he could come up with his own farm project that he can pursue in a bigger scale.

CONTACT – If you are interested to know about the availability of mangosteen seedlings, contact Rose of Sarian Farm at 0905-002-1368 0r 0947-590-0398.

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