Sixto comia story no.2

Student who planted trees reaps millions

WE MET Sixto Comia of Cuenca, Batangas in the early 1990s. He was just a student then but he took to heart what the attendees of the Agri-Kapihan espoused starting in August 1986. In those early years, so many people were talking about a retirement plan by planting mahogany trees.

TOOK PHOTOS – We took pictures of Sixto’s mahogany trees when they were one-year-old. In May 2015, he was ready to harvest his 7,000 mahogany trees that were planted in 1991. He told me that he was putting up a kiln drying facility and a saw-milling equipment.

INVITED US – He was thrilled because he was about to realize his dream of preparing for his retirement early. He even invited me to the blessing of his saw-milling and kiln drying facilities in September 2015. The timber he harvested was easily worth a hundred million pesos.

GOOD EXAMPLE – Sixto Comia is one very good example of one who started his farm project while he was young, very young. A model for today’s Millennials.

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