A very unassuming Theo Aves Garcia in casual T-shirt.

THEO AVES GARCIA, founder of the amazingly successful Tagchem company which distributes agro-chemicals, had two big missteps that he cannot forget.

COFFEE – One is his venturing into the manufacture of coffee in sachets. We remember him telling us that when he visited a trade expo in China, he was fascinated by what he saw. This was a demo of a machine that makes coffee.

COMPLETE FACILITIES – So he built his own facilities for making his brand of coffee, complete with its own building. He was able to produce his own coffee but soon found out that he could not compete with established brands like Nescafe and Great Taste. He had to give up the business after two years.

MULTILEVEL MARKETING – The other misstep was setting up his own multi-level marketing company for selling nutraceuticals. He also spent a lot of money but found the business was his liking so he gave that up after pouring in a substantial investment. 

FIRST CLASS HOTEL – The two missteps, however, did not deter Theo from pursuing other projects. One is putting up a first class hotel near the airport in Cauayan City. This is considered the best hotel not only in Cauayan but in the entire Cagayan Valley.

NEW FARM INPUTS – Today Theo is excited about the new generation of farm inputs and technologies that will help farmers increase their incomes. These are being developed or acquired through a new company called TagLife Sciences. 

INOCULANT – One of them is Nitro Fix Plus, an inoculant that can restore the microbial population in degraded soils due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and other causes. The product can also be sprayed on the plants to enhance their growth and development. It is now ready for commercial release.

STRESS HARMONIZER – Another new product is called Plant Stress Harmonizer which can address problems brought about by climate change. This is a product of nano technology that is loaded with micronutrients. It is a homegrown technology developed by a scientist who graduated from UP Los Baños, Treated plants can withstand periods of stresses like lack of soil moisture or drought, waterlogging, strong winds and more. It is a revolutionary product that Theo hopes to eventually export to other countries.

NEW TECHNO -There are several products and technologies that are lined up for development under TagLife Sciences. Buildings for each of them are under construction where research and production will be undertaken.

FOREIGN PRODUCTS – Plant nutrition products from foreign companies are also being considered for introduction in the Philippines. Among those being eyed are biostimulants and other innovative products for agriculture from a Canadian company.

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES, TOO – Theo Aves Garcia is one example of a fellow who does not easily give up after committing some missteps. He learned lessons that made him more resilient in pursuing other more viable projects

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