SUNDAYS WITH ZAC SARIAN: No Session On August 11, 2019

There will be no session of SUNDAYS WITH ZAC SARIAN on August 11, 2019 because we will be travelling out of town. The free seminar/forum held at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal will resume on August 18. Likewise, the event will be held henceforth from 2 to 4 p.m. instead of starting at 1:30. It has been observed that due to the traffic situation, many of the attendees usually arrive at 2 o’clock.

Attendance is limited to 20 people so that the sharing of ideas, know-how and experiences will be more effective. That is why those who are interested to attend should make their reservations by texting 0995-584-9155. Different timely topics are discussed during each session. On July 21, the discussion will focus on How To Start and Manage Your Own Dream Farm. This will include reasons for engaging in different kinds of agri projects; assessing one’s resources; choosing the right project; financial matters; assessing target markets; considering the right location; choosing the right farm workers; part-time farming; farm projects for retirees and for young people; keeping abreast of the latest technologies, and more.

We will analyze what we have advised a middle-aged couple who have bought a big farm up North they are going to develop eventually into a tourist destination.

Variegated orange grown in a container at the Sarian Farm. Growing fruits in container will be discussed in the July 28, 2019 session of Sundays With Zac B. Sarian.

In succeeding sessions, we will focus on growing fruit trees in containers, something we have been doing at the Sarian Farm in the past many years. You can start making your reservation for the session on July 28, 2019. Text us at 0995-584-9155.

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