SUNFLOWER CRAZE: Seeds In Short Supply

Mr. Lee is the sunflower breeder at the Known-You Seed in Taiwan. 
Neo Wang and Aubry Ancheta in the sunflower farm for seed production in Taiwan.

The sunflower craze is on. And the seed companies are saddled with a nice problem. The market is hungry for sunflower seeds and that’s giving them opportunity to cash in on the big demand.

Neo Wang of Known-You Philippines says that there is a shortage of sunflower seeds all over the world. The seed companies in Japan are experiencing seed shortage and so are those in Europe. And so Known-You Seed is planting a lot of sunflower for seed production in its farm in Pingtung county.

Known-You has five bestselling varieties – Sunshine Orange with black center, Sunshine Orange with green center, Sunshine Yellow with black center, Miro Orange with black center and Miro Orange with green center.

Miss Yang and the Lisianthus flowers she breed for Known-You Seed.




OTHER FLOWERS – Aside from sunflower, Known-You takes pride in its different varieties of zinnia, petunia, celosia, canna, lisianthus and torenia.
These are bred under tropical conditions in Pingtung so that they are claimed to be more adaptable to the tropical Southeast Asian coutries than those bred in temperate countries like Japan and Europe.

Enter a Dwarf Zinnias and other flowering ornamentals.caption


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