SUPER AROMATIC RICE: Matures In 75 Days From Direct Seeding!

A lady agriculturist is excited about her new aromatic rice that might as well be called Super Aromatic Rice. Why? She says it is much more aromatic than any other aromatic rice she has encountered. Moreover, she said that the variety is harvestable in just 75 days from direct seeding!

The grains, she said, are slender and long. The panicles are like most other varieties. Regular size. She has previously planted the variety and was very satisfied with the yield. This time, she has a young standing crop on 2,000 square meters scheduled for harvesting after the Holy Week.

We were also excited about the Super Aromatic Rice from an undisclosed Asian country. We were promised milled rice for tasting and seeds for trial planting. We plan to plant them in rubberized containers which we will really take good care. You will be the first to read about whatever experience we will have in growing the aromatic rice in rubberized containers.

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