SUPER AVOCADO: A superior variety many still don’t know!

Just scoop the smooth, fiberless flesh and eat without adding anything.
The yummy-looking sliced fruit of Super Avocado from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.


Super Avocado fruit that weighs more than a kilo.

MANY FB VIEWERS saw the Super Avocado we ate for breakfast which we posted on FB on August 23, 2020. It seems many have seen it only for the first time. And they are all amazed at the good appearance of the sliced fruit. A number commented “Yummy!” A UP professor said it is “Panalo”.

NOT SURPRISING – Well, we are not surprised by the reaction of the viewers. I have searched the Internet  only to find out that none of the more than 50 varieties pictured can match the looks of our Super Avocado.

MOSTLY SMALL-TIME – We have been propagating the Super Avocado in at least 10 years and there has been no stopping. However, we observe that most buyers of planting materials are small-time planters. Maybe, most are hobbyists who just want one or two trees for their own consiumption. That could be the reason why fruits of Super Avocado could not be found being sold in the market.

USUAL COMPLAINT – The usual complaint from our buyers of planting materials is that their fruits are not as big as those they had seen from our farm in the beginning. Well, there are reasons for that. Maybe, the tree is not grown in a rich soil. Or the tree is not adequately fertilized. Another reason could be that the tree has too many fruits so that they tend to be smaller than usual.

OLD VARIETY – Where did the Super Avocado come from? Well, it is actually an old variety. A former high official of the Department of Agriculture had it for a long time, as early as the Marcos time. But he kept it to himself. He did not  multiply it. Then when he migrated to the US, he left it with a relative in Rizal. That’s where we got our planting materials that now serve as our mother trees.

Actually, there are so many desirable old fruit tree varieties but they are not being multiplied for commercial production. What we have been doing is to locate as many good varieties as we can and multiply them for the benefit hobbyists and commercial growers alike.

CONTACT – For more information about grafted Super Avocado, contact Rose at 0906-551-1791 or 0947-590-0398.


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