A Super Glutinous Little Pumpkin: Still Unnamed

The halved small super glutinous pumpkin under field trial.
The fruit is just over a kilo.

During the last Agrilink trade show, Renette Beronilla who is breeding pumpkins at East-West Seed, gave us a sample of a little pumpkin that is round, very dark green (almost black) and small, just a little over a kilo. She said she wanted us to taste because she wanted a feedback as it is still under evaluation before it is released to farmers for planting.

Well, our verdict is that it is a super glutinous little pumpkin. We like it very much. The fruit was not yet fully mature so that when we gave it to our cook, she said there was no need to remove the skin. She just made a very simple dish with coconut milk. The pumpkin was sliced into small cubes and it was cooked with a couple of freshly picked patola from our garden.The only other ingredients were a few slices of half-fried pork and patis or fish sauce to taste. It took only 10 to 15 minutes to cook.

We hope the little pumpkin will survive the rigorous tests that it will go through in the field. The researchers don’t only look for superior taste. They are also interested in high-yield, pest and disease resistance, adaptability to various growing situations, and others.

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