SUPER MAX: A Promising Red Onion Hybrid From Allied Botanical


The Super Max bulbs are uniform. It is suitable for early season planting so the farmer can catch a good price if he is ahead in the market.


Allied Botanical Corporation has introduced into the market a promising red onion hybrid called Super Max. Farmers in Nueva Ecija who have tried planting it in the past season reported several desirable characteristics of Super Max.

The new hybrid, according to Victor Layug of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija, is suitable for early season planting. Therefore, the planter will be able to sell his harvest at a high price when he harvests because the supply would still be limited in the market.


Close up of the Super Max bulb. It has distinct red color.


The bulbs are said to have small neck which makes it suitable for long-term storage after harvesting. Super Max is reported to yield high and the bulbs are uniform, hence commanding a high price in the market. In the last planting season, Layug reported that he harvested two times his harvest from the old variety that he previously planted.

Layug also reported that Super Max is more resistant to pests like army worm compared to other varieties.

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