Super Napier Developer To Speak At Carabao Center

The developer of Super Napier (Pakchong 1) will visit the Philippines and will speak at the Philippine Carabao Center in Munoz City, Nueva Ecija, on May 6, 2014 starting at 10 a.m. 

He is Dr. Krailas Kyiothong of Thailand who developed the fast-growing Super Napier. He will talk on Buffalo Extension Practices in Thailand and on the Super Napier.  He will be accompanied by Ms. Jum of Zonta Dairy Village, a dairy expert who is a consultant to a number of local dairy entrepreneurs. 

This was learned from Dr. Eric P. Palacpac, chief of PCC’s Knowledge Resource Management Division.

The Philippine Carabao Center has acquired some planting materials of Pakchong 1 but is still in the process of multiplying the same. PCC is not yet ready to release planting materials to the public, according to Dr. Palacpac who can be contacted at 0917-583-4757.

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