Super Napier Intercropped With Lettuce


Super Napier Intercropped With Lettuce

RONALD COSTALES has a practical way of maximizing productivity of precious farm space. When he planted Super Napier recently, he intercropped the napier cuttings with seedlings of Frillice lettuce which is a high-value salad crop.

In photo is Ronald posing with ten-day-old growth of his Super Napier. The intercropped lettuce are expected to be harvestable in about 25 days from the day the photo was taken (May 25, 2014). By harvest time, the Super Napier will not be big enough to shade the lettuce plants.

If he can harvest a kilo of intercropped lettuce from 2 square meters, that will mean an income at least P100 per two square meters. Not bad additional income.

Ronald is the owner of the Costales Nture Farms in Majayjay, Laguna. He intends to use the Super Napier for feeding his organic pigs and chickens, and for his vermicomposting. Super Napier is not only high-yielding, it is also rich in crude protein placed at 17 to 18 percent.

The cuttings were from the King Ranch. Those interested to buy Super Napier cuttings may inquire here SARIAN FARM.

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