Super Napier Planting Guide

Super Napier Planting Guide
Super Napier Planting Guide
In photo are Dr. Krailas Kyiothong, a farm worker, and Angelo Carlos of King Ranch. Angelo and King Carlos recently visited Dr. Kyiothong to get first hand information on the culture of Pakchong 1 or Super Napier.

SUPER NAPIER or Pakchong 1 planting materials are now available in the Philippines, ready for planting.

The planting materials are from the King Ranch operated by Alex Carlos and his sons King and Angelo. King and Angelo recently visited Dr. Krailas Kyiothong, the developer of the Super Napier in Thailand, to secure first-hand information on how to grow Pakchong 1 better known in the Philippines as Super Napier.


Land Preparationย 

  1. Deep-plow the soil, Use a rotavator to break big chunks of soil.
  2. Make furrows 120 cm apart.
    Apply organic/chemical fertilizer between the hills (5-10 tons organic fertilizer per hectare or 4 bags 14-14-14).
  3. Put planting stalks or canes in furrows 70 cm apart (horizontal position).
  4. Cover planting canes with soil 1-2 inches thick.
  5. Irrigate between the furrows.


  1. Irrigate when necessary.
  2. Spray on the leaves with Power Grower Combo for better root establishment and faster growth at 20 days after first planting and apply again after 30 days.
  3. Control weeds if necessary.


  1. Harvest after 90 days for the first cut.
  2. Harvest every 45-60 days after the first cut.
  3. When harvesting cut the grass at soil level.


  1. Irrigate when necessary or when soil is dry.


  1. For hogs, chickens, ducks, plant eating fish (tilapia, pangasius), horses, rabbits, etc., give 45-day old chopped fresh Super Napier grass.
  2. For ruminants (cattle, carabao, goats) give 60-70 days old chopped fresh Super Napier grass.
  3. Can also be used for feeding earthworms in vermiculture. Chopped Super Napier is mixed with other vermiculture materials like chicken manure and other biomass.


For the convenience of customers, planting materials can be ordered through the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

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29 thoughts on “Super Napier Planting Guide

  1. Hi, MR. SARIAN. I texted you awhile ago, to ask if we can visit your farm in Teresa and meet with you regarding our project this Friday, July 17. I hope you received it and will be available.

  2. Dear Mr. Sarian,

    i am interested to buy Super Napier Cuttings. Pls let me know if available in your farm and how much is the cost.

    Thank you.

    Romeo Ruedas

    1. You can buy cuttings for planting at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, at P10 per cutting, pick up from Teresa. Contact Rose at 0915-434-4216 or 0917-841-5477 for more information.

    1. From where are you? Are you in the Philippines? You don’t have to plant the whole one acre. You can start with 200 cuttings, for instance, and then you make those 200 cuttings as your mother plants. Three-node cuttings cost P10 each at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, on a pick-up basis. You might need at least 4,000 cuttings to plant one acre.

      1. Hi Mr.Zac, I am from Malaysia, do you have any contact person to supply the material in Malaysia?
        OR are you able to supply the materials to Malaysia?
        Thank you.

  3. I am confused by the 3 node cutting cost p10. So if I want to plant an acre, how many 3 node cuttings do I need? How much is the cost to plant an acre. Do you ship internationally?

  4. Hi Mr. Zac,
    I am interested in planting Napier grass. I have a friend in Korea who is convincing me to plant Napier here and they will buy all my produce for export to Korea. Is this plausible? Do we have the GREEN BANA GRASS (a class of napier) here in the Philippines? Is it better than what you call as Super Napier?

    I hope you could find the time to reply to my questions.
    Thank you so much.

    1. I am not familiar with Green Bana. Pakchong 1 or Super Napier is a fast grower with high protein content. It is possible to export to Korea if you have the ready buyer. Some people export corn silage, i.e., corn plants that are chopped and fermented.
      Thanks for visiting. Zac Sarian

  5. hi im planning to plant this super napier and to be feed to our rabbits.
    there are also this madre de agua that can be feed to farm animals.

  6. Hi Mr.Sarian,
    We are so interested with your offering. We will use this for our cows. My mobile is 09178566228. My requirement for this grass is very urgent. Thanks so much.

    Hope to hear from you.

    1. You can source the planting materials from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. One cutting is P10. We can also send the cuttings through LBC. Where is your place? Best if you can come to the farm in Teresa, Rizal.

      1. THanks for the reply. Yes, our pleasure to visit you at Teresa. Pls give me your exact address. Can you give me discount? Thanks.


  7. Hi Sir Zac Sarian,

    May I know if I can carry the super napier cuttings on my checked in baggage on the plane to Negros occidental? or will you be able to ship the cuttings in Negros thru LBC?

      1. Hi sir Zac,

        If padala po sa Bacolod City magkano po shipping sa LBC if order ako 400 pieces? Just asking lang po if may idea kayo sa price?

          1. Hi sir Zac,

            Salamat po. Waiting po ako sa reply nyo about shipping sa Bacolod. If pwede fin po sa JRS Express malaman if mas mura ang shipping nila.

            Another po is na question is, Ask lang po ako if in case isend po sa Finlandia Makati City, magkano kaya JRS Express shipping and how many kilos ang 400 pieces na napier kasi anothe plan ko is to have it as check in baggage sa plane pauwi Bacolod if I get to visit Makati next week.

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