Super Napier Responds To June Rain

Super Napier Responds To June Rain

RENE ALMEDA who operates the Alaminos Goat Farm together with his two sons sees the Pakchong 1, the so-called Super Napier, as a great addition to the forage crops in his Salad Gafden for his goats. He says that the Super Napier yields four times the napier from Florida which used to be the darling of livestock raisers.

Super Napier Responds To June Rain

But there was a time when he thought that his getting Pakchong 1 was a disaster. That’s because during the hot months of last April and May, the plants that were not reached by their irrigation system had very poor growth. Then the June rains came. All of a sudden, the withering Super Napier recovered and turned green and robust. He is very happy about the turn of events. He said that with Pakchong as the newest addition to the Alaminos Salad Garden, things are looking very good.

Pakchong, by the way, does not only produce high yields of biomass, it is also highly nutritious, containing about 17-18 percent crude protein.

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