SUPER SUCCESS! He Grossed P1-Million From Half Hectare Of Radish In 45 Days!

A very happy Larry Consebido is flanked by Leo Cajida and Mona Visitacion-Rafer of Ramgo.

Would you believe that a farmer had grossed P1-million from just half a hectare of radish that he harvested 40-45 days after planting? Impossible? No sir! That’s what Larry Consebido of  Majayjay, Laguna made in September 2018.

In early August 2018, he planted half a hectare to the newly introduced Mt. Data radish variety distributed by Ramgo Seeds. To his great surprise and amazement, he harvested 25,000 kilos of very good roots that a trader bought for P40 per kilo.

That meant a gross of P1 million from half a hectare in a growing period of just 40 to 45 days. The timing was perfect, according to Larry, because he was about the only farmer who had radish for sale at that time. The right variety and right timing were the reasons for Larry’s good fortune.

The lesson here that you should keep in mind is that even if you have a small farm if you plant the right variety at the right time, you can make a big income.


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