SUPRAVIM Boosts Profits In Rice

SUPRAVIM Boosts Profits In Rice

SUPRAVIM Boosts Profits In Rice

A farmer from Muรฑoz City in Nueva Ecija has found that with the use of a plant booster called Supravim, he was able to make an additional profit of P28,980 from an area of 8,700 square meters which he planted to SL-18 hybrid rice.

The farmer, Graciano Wallares, planted his seedlings on December 23, 2015 and harvested the same on March 26, 2016. The harvest totaled, 10,320 kilos. If translated to one hectare, the yield would be 11,850 kilos which means 237 cavans of 50 kilos per cavan.

SUPRAVIM Boosts Profits In Rice
Anthony Cortes holding a bottle of Supravim.

Supravim was used as a supplement to the usual fertilization dosage of 5 bags of urea, 4 bags of 14-14-14, one bag of 0-0-60, and 1 bag of 16-20-0.

He applied just 3.5 liters of Supravim worth P3,080 three times. First application was at 23 days after transplanting; 38 days after transplanting; and 53 days after transplanting. Dosage was 100 ml per knapsack sprayer containing 16 liters.

Farmer Wallares did not in any way change his usual way of growing his rice except that he sprayed Supravim. According to him, the highest hybrid rice yield he previously got was 8,250 kilos per hectare. By using Supravim at a cost of P3,080, he got an additional yield of 2,070 kilos worth P28,980 at a selling price of P14 per kilo of palay.

By the way, Supravim is an imported product from the united States and is distributed by Corvill Agricom headed by Anthony Cortes. The plant booster helps the crop generate massive root mass which enables it to reach and absorb more nutrients and moisture available in the soil, especially in low water conditions.

Cortes adds that Supravim helps dissolve fertilizers and increases the cation exchange capacity of the roots which translates to more nutrient absorption and uptake. Massive roots also provide better anchorage for the plant, reducing the chances of lodging and stimulate growth of more tillers that are productive.

The very small particles of Supravim help increase the translocation process of nutrients from the roots to the shoots. This is most important during the grain-filling stage and this is the reason why many farmers using Supravim experience heavier grains and higher grain count per panicle. In the case of Graciano Wallaresโ€™ rice plants, the number of grains per panicle ranged from 480 to 500 per panicle.

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