SURPRISE! White Mushrooms In Our Farm!

SURPRISE! White Mushrooms In Our Farm!

SURPRISE! White Mushrooms In Our Farm!WE GOT a very pleasant surprise this morning (September 26, 2014) while going around our fruit trees. We were really surprised to see two old stumps of mango trees that we cut down some years back. On the stumps close to the ground, a lot of white mushrooms had sprouted. They are not like the ordinary oyster mushroom. They are very white and with very nice mushroom smell.

We know it is the edible kind. The undersides are very white. What we know is that when the underside is black, the species is poisonous.

We will just have to check with the expert what species is this white mushroom. The thing is it is delicious, according to our nephew who gathered some which heย cooked with mungo and malunggay leaves. Because we had to go out early for an appointment, we were not able to taste the simple dish but we will cook our own concoction of this white mushroom soon. There are small buttons that will be harvestable in the next few days
What we have in mind is a soupy dish of saluyot, bamboo shoots, broiled dalag and mushroom.We will use our Japanese saluyot.

SURPRISE! White Mushrooms In Our Farm!
Wendell and Ric posing with the mushrooms growing on the mango stump.
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  1. its very interesting.. im a college student and we are doing some studies about oyster mushroom your farm open for visit?

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